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Past, present and future

Since its beginning in 1920, Alfa has been a company that has always known how to adapt to change and the needs of consumers, developing products that help them improve their quality of life


On October 28, 1920, a group of specialized workers in the armory sector created the "Sociedad Anónima Cooperativa de Producción de Armas de Fuego Alfa" [“Alfa Fire Arms Production Company"], with
300,000 pesetas of capital stock.

The first workshop was located on calle Vista Alegre street in Eibar, where they produced mainly Smith & Wesson revolvers.

Sewing machines

Five years later, on February 4, 1925, weapons gave way to sewing machines after an accurate market study.

The joining of Toribio Echebarria was key to the development of the business, with production increasing to 12,000 units in 1935.

Alfa became the first sewing machine manufacturer in Spain. Interesting to note, the price of the Alfa sewing machine was 260 pesetas at the time.

The Civil War broke out, followed by some hard years. In November 1940, a new era began under the new company name “Máquinas de Coser Alfa, S.A.”.

Brand development and consolidation on a national and international level brought Alfa sewing machines to 70 countries.

In the 70s, the "¡Pepe, la Alfa!" ["Pepe, the Alfa!"] slogan was heard in every Spanish household. The business was diversified and subsidiaries were created, such as Lambretta Locomociones, whose fans still hold an annual convention in Eibar, celebrating this brand of motorcycle.

In the 80s, the industrial crisis was about to close Alfa, and it was the start of difficult times.

Vacuum packaging, Sewing and Small appliances

For years Alfa Hogar, part of the Alfa Group, has made a noticeable change in its traditional positioning, adding new distribution channels, markets and product lines, such as Vacuum packaging (vacuum packaging machines, accessories and consumable goods for the home vacuum packaging of food) and Baby products.

All this has been thanks to the great investment that Alfa has made in design and development, making a firm commitment to innovation in order to reinvent the brand and make it a consolidated reality.

and the future

Alfa Hogar looks optimistically towards the future. It contributes 15% of the Alfa Group's income, has 2,000 points of sale in Spain and Portugal, is the leader in the Spanish sewing machine and vacuum preservation sectors, owns 34 stores, sells its products online and can be found in countries like France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Austria and the United States.

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